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Did You Know Facebook’s New Features Are Opt-Out Only?


Opt-out only means when Facebook comes up with a new feature, it’s automatically added to your profile, whether you want it or not, and this means your profile settings are changed because of that.

Take the new facial recognition software they have added.

All photos of you will now be found by the software and put on the right hand corner of all your friends’ profiles, so they can tag them if they wish. This may be great news to you, or something you don’t want.

The point is, it should be your choice whether you want facial recognition used on photos of you.

Facebook has a history of this; coming up with new features that are automatically applied to your profile.

As a parent, this bothers me. I like to keep the family profiles at a certain high privacy level, and when Facebook adds new features and makes changes, this privacy level is often compromised.

Because of this, it’s in a parent’s best interest to  keep a regular eye on their children’s Facebook privacy settings to make sure they’re where they want them to be, and that means having to go into settings and check to see if things are how you want them.

If you’d like to opt-out on facial recognition:

  1. Go into your Facebook privacy settings here.
  2. Underneath the scatter-graph of boxes, click Customize settings.
  3. Under Suggest photos of me to friends, click Edit settings.
  4. Facebook automatically enables this feature. On the dialog box, select whether you want the feature to be enabled or not. Click Disable if you do not want it.
  5. Press OK and it is automatically done.

While I would love Facebook to be open and upfront about new features, so I can decide if I want them, I doubt that’s going to happen for a long time, so until then, I’ll be regularly going through my privacy settings to make sure things haven’t been added without my knowledge or consent.

To read more on this, go to zdnet.com and read Zack Whittaker’s excellent article on the subject.

(and thanks to Mr. Whittaker’s article for the little how-to above.)


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